Mediation is a confidential process in which the parties to a family conflict (with or without attorneys) meet with a Certified Family Court Mediator in attempt to resolve issues rather than have the issues decided by a judge. All decisions are made by the parties themselves, and neither party waives any rights by engaging in the process.

The Certified Family Court Mediator is neutral between the parties, not a judge or arbitrator, and makes no decisions for the parties. His sole interest is in finding common ground between the parties to reduce or eliminate issues that require trial by a judge.

In Family Court mediation, any issue the parties wish to resolve can be mediated. These issues can include pre-separation issues, such as who will leave the home and how expenses will be paid on a temporary basis, as well as what the children’s schedules will look like. Once the parties are separated, issues often include child custody, visitation, and support; spousal support; the division of assets and debts; attorney fees; and all other issues arising from the break-down of their marriage.

The mediator is bound by confidentiality rules, and will keep in confidence any disclosures made during mediation, with the exception of the duty to report child abuse. In addition to not sharing information with the other party, a mediator cannot later be called into court to testify about the mediation.

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